Pizza, Cowboys, Selfies, Hemorrhoids, George Clooney, Masturbation, Eichkätzchenschwänze – Gebakkene Pony only sing about the most important topics. It’s like a very thorough body search at the airport: NOTHING.GOES.UNCHECKED.

Brace yourselves for a musical circus sideshow with the spirit of Zappa as Ringmaster. A rock spectacle with more layers than puffed pastry. A musical portfolio more varied than that of a dodgy fund manager.

Rock, Punk, Metal, Hip Hop and Ballet – there is no sonic space where this Pony won’t leave its droppings. So, step right up and expose your senses to this wonderfully intoxicating show! Come take a ride with Gebakkene Pony!


Nicolo Loro Ravenni – Vocals/ Saxophone

Markus Steinrück – Guitar/Vocals

Klaus Tanner – Bass/ Vocals

Fabian Steinrück – Drums/ Vocals