A setting that creates a lot of space with transparent arrangements that float through many
different textures, rhythmic pulses, and soundscapes. This is the art of silence and
interplay exemplified…the often underrated aspects of music in today’s world.
The band called „Triophony“ consists of three fine, young musicians from three different
countries who met in Graz, Austria where they are opening a new chapter for trio playing.
The trio presents Nicolò Loro Ravenni from Italy on bass clarinet, Ilya Alabuzhev from
Ukraine on double bass, and vocalist and arranger Annika Esslage from Germany.
All three musicians come mainly from a jazz background with an open ear and mind for
different genres ranging from Rock, Irish Folk, and Latin music. Consciously choosing to
avoid the traditional construction of a standard jazz band backing a vocalist, they exclude
any rhythm or harmony instrument such as drums, piano or guitar, yet one can hear these
aspects in their music. Their setting creates a space for the melody lines, counterpoint,
interplay, and improvisation, to intermingle with stories full of intelligent lyrics and emotion.
The beautiful blend of the voice and bass clarinet is what strikes the listeners ear first. Its a
timber that brings to mind a folky yet jazz influenced music that together with the double
bass can even have a classical chamber-like quality.
The repertoire of the band ranges from modern own compositions to Irving Berlin and
Gershwin songs (brought up to date through modern arrangements) as well as rock songs
from the 60’s to the present that are arranged to sound like a small chamber ensemble.
Triophony was recently honored by the DownBeat Magazine with an „outstanding
performance price“ within the 36th Student Music Awards.
This month they released their first CD called „introducing Triophony“.
It is available in selected shops in Germany, Austria and Holland and soon will be sold online.


Annika Esslage – vocals
Nicolò Loro Ravenni – bass clarinet and clarinet
Ilya Alabuzhev – double bass