Buraku (jap: „poor society) is a Trio founded in 2016 in Graz, Austria.
Luis Andre de Olivera (Brasil) on drum, Gustavo Boni (Brasil) on bass and Nicolo Loro Ravenni (Italy) on saxophon, collaborated already in different music projects during their studies at the University of Music and Arts in Graz.
The joy to discover unheard sounds, influenced by their effectively different music backgrounds (from classic, metal, to jazz), brought them to distorted saxophon sounds played through guitar amplification, ruff and noisy bass lines and melodys, voice effects and experimental drum sounds.
Buraku is a challenge of experimantal compositions and spontaneus live-improvisations, that allows the three musicians to suprise the audience and also themselves. In 2017 they are going to publish their debut album.


Nicolo Loro Ravenni: Sax/ Voice (IT)

Gustavo Boni: Bass (BR)

Luis Andre de Olivera: Drum/ Synth (BR)